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Be a part of our community and write for us. If you are a content writer, blog owner, or online business owner in our niche.

You are more than welcome to write for us. But you must follow our guidelines to get your guest post accepted.

Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Post:


  • Content must be unique. (Please use Copyscape.com, smallsetools.com, and Quetext.com to check the content)
  • The word count limit is a minimum of 800 words.
  • Feature image should be 1200 x 675 PX.
  • The guest post must contain sub-headings.
  • If your post is a tutorial and requires Multiple images in the post, Then please use our email “[email protected]” to send the Guest post and images in Word Format.
  • Please do not use images from other websites. You can use free stock sites to get free images like Pixaocean.com and pexels.com.
  • Minimum of two links. (We would keep the first two links and delete others from the post). Also, the links in the post will be Do-follow.
  • Note, if your post is like any post on our website or has the same keyword, we won’t accept it.
  • The content must not be promotional.
  • Please update your Profile before submitting the article. Update your author bio and the author’s Image (articles would still be approved without author bio).

Note: we might change your images and we would check your words for grammatic errors.


Topics On Which You Can Write

Internet marketing, Apps, Online Business, Technology, Education, Startups, Growth marketing, Tips, and Tricks related topics on the website’s niche.

Topics Which We Can Not Accept

We do not accept some categories such as Gambling, Gaming, Casino, Adult, and Drugs. We will immediately reject the content.


Once you submit your post for approval. It may take up to 1 Business to 3 Business days for your guest post to go live. And even sometimes your post will be rejected or deleted from our end because of the criteria or the guidelines.

So if you are clear about the guest posting, you can Email Us at [email protected] or [email protected].


Email us with the subject as “contribute on thedigitalpreneur